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San Sebastián - Donostia
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Neurocirugía de confianza
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Policlinica Gipuzkoa
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EANS - Annual meeting

    Welcome to our webpage, directed mainly towards our patients and their families, where we both would like to give answers to their raised doubts about neurosurgery, the neurosurgeon, and the neurological diseases we treat, such as how to request specialized consultation at our centre. Please be assured that we shall try to resolve your problem personally, agile, responsibly, honestly, without creating false expectations, because not everything can be cured by surgery: to quote the well known phrase “you can learn to operate in 5 years, but it takes over 20 to know when not to do so”.

    We are made up of a multidisciplinary team of professional specialists in neurosurgery, neuroradiology, neuroanesthesia, neurophysiology, and internal medicine.

    We shall guide you individually, with questions regarding the multiple neurological symptoms we come across such as pain, loss of strength or sensitivity, gait disorders, disturbances in sight, hearing, balance or memory, etc, and try to give the best suitable solution to your particular problem, based on a doctor – patient relationship and modern technology we have available at Policlínica Gipuzkoa.

    We have pioneered new techniques: microsurgery that applies to multiple processes ranging from a herniated disc to a spinal tumor, brain tumor, skull based and pituitary; through percutaneous techniques, proven results with minimal anesthetic and surgical risk.

    We offer high quality care, following our philosophy learned through the years to achieve maximum effectiveness with minimum risk, using appropriate surgical techniques, trying to turn neurosurgery in an art.

    Medical students and doctors from other specialties, who wish to increase their knowledge in neurological surgery, can find in the section on Teaching and Research, particular information on neurological issues and current affairs. Today there is too much information with little training and various options can be given to solve the same problem. If you are looking for the expert’s opinion you have found the right page. We appreciate the trust you have placed in us and I am certain that you will not be disappointed.

    Dr. Enrique Úrculo Bareño
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    Neurocirugía de confianza.

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